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Atlantic project

This page is a tribute to all lovers of the Oceans

To those who , throughout the years, have searched, discovered,shown,
respected and preserved the sea, I express my gratitude and pay my respects.

Specialy to Hans Hass and Commandant Cousteau who have inspired me
and still inspire new generations to the true passion of the Sea

Pioneers and symbols of diving, underwater exploration, sea knowledege
and environmental ocean problems revelation

click here to access Hans Hass official web page
click here to access Cousteau Society web page
Hans Hass
Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The spirit of sport diving is one of the best ways to preserve  the sea

I truly believe that my daughters Ana and Joana and the
generations to come will keep Ocean free

Joana is 15 years old and one of her greatest  pleasures is to dive and look for wildlife.She gets is advanced open water  license last year.
Ana is 20 years old and at the age of 5 began to dive to a depht of 2 metres in the pool ;now  she is an advanced open water  diver and she is a very good underwater model.

                               by  : José Augusto Silva
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